**Instock Details:**


First Round in stock 9/22/21, but we are almost garanteed to sell out of this round.  Right now we have another large quantity of racks being sent out to be chromed.  Their current timeline is about 3.5 weeks turnaround and I will have those listed as well.  So no sweat if you miss the first round, we will have more instock mid October.  Gloss Black will be available early to mid October.


The much antipated VTX 1300/1800 R/S/T Solo Rack.  The Goheen Cycles Solo Rack replaces the rear seat on your VTX 1300 or 1800 R,S, or T model.  Simply remove the stock grab bar that mounts the OEM seat, install our brackets, and bolt on instant style points.  The rack features a flowing tear drop design that closely matches the lines of the OEM dash.  Made from 3/16" USA steel and finished with your choice of a chrome or black powder coat.  The GC Solo rack is the perfect addition  to complete the ultimate solo seat look and not leave your rear fender looking naked.

VTX 1300/1800 - R/S/T Solo Rack