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**When ordering one (1) Pair Valve plate kit, it includes two (2) pair valve blockoff plates and one (1) air box plug.  This enough to desmog one (1) bike.**


SEE DIFFERENCE IN DIMPLED AND NON-DIMPLED PLATES HERE This pair valve plates kit includes everything you need to remove the pair valve system on your VTX1300, VTX1800, or VT1300/Fury Honda motorcycle. This will remove the popping and backfiring that you get on decel and when you upshift/downshift. You guys have seen my video on the install of these plates, now you can get them directly from me! Price of the kit includes (2) 6061 aluminum pair valve block off plates and (1) one rubber plug to block off your airbox. Outside the US? No problem, we ship internationally as well. Directions for installation can be seen here. VIDEO INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS I get lots of questions about the difference in dimples on pair valve plates. The dimpled plates do not require you to remove the reed and screw, while the non dimpled require removal. Both do the same job, one just takes a little less work. Both available now for all Honda VTX, VT, and Furys! 


*For off road use only*

VTX 1300/1800 AND VT1300  Pair Valve Plates/Desmog Kit

PriceFrom $14.99
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