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Upgrading or replacing your clutch?  Add a set of JB (Jim Brown) "Strong" Bolts to your repair/upgrade.  These bolts are class 10.9 and includes the correct washers for your install.  Don't risk breaking the heads off of the factory bolts when torquing to the factory specs.  Clutch bolt kits fit all years of the VTX 1300 and 1800 as well as the newer Honda VT1300/Fury bikes as well. Outside the US? No problem, we ship internationally as well.

JB "Strong" Clutch Bolt Kit

  • - When installing the JB Strong bolts, use both size washers to evenly distribute pressure.  Install the smallest washer cloests to the bolt head and the larger fender washers under as shown in the product pictures. 

    - Do not overtighten bolts.  All bolts should be torqued to 12Nm (9ft/lbs)


    If you have any questions during your install, feel free to reach out to us via the contact page.  


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