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The GC Magnetic Torch mount is the best way to go when mounting a machine torch to your Langmuir Systems Crossfire Standard or Crossfire Pro.  The mount features an internal keyway to make sure your torch is indexed back into the same position every time it is removed.  Each magnetic mount kit comes will all included hardware for easy installation.  Some features include:


  • Quick and easy consumable changes.  Just pull the torch off, replace your consumables, and snap the torch back in place.  No more screws to mess with.
  • Tip resistance. In most cases, the magnetic torch holder will "break free" from it's mount it the torch encounters a tip up.  This will save time and money on having to cut a new sheet just because your torch grabbed a tip up and moved an entire sheet off of an index point.
  • On the Pro, it provides additional collision protection.  When you z axis drops to find the sheet of material you are cutting, sometimes a collision occurs and can damage or snap the torch head off.  In most instances, the magnetic mount will break free saving you on costly repairs for your machine torch.


There are 3 versions of the GC Magnetic Torch Mount available.  


  • Crossfire Standard (OG) Torch Mount - This mount is made to work with the standard version of the Crossfire CNC Setup.  It is designed to work with virtually any machine torch that is 1.375" on the market including torches for most popular brands like RazorWeld that have a more pliable torch lead.  The Standard mount requires you to drill and tap the stock Z stem from your Langmuir Systems unit to mount the be backing plate. 
  • Crossfire Standard (OG) HD Torch Mount - This mount is just like the Standard mount but is made to be used with the Hypertherm torches.  These torches have a less pliable lead and require stronger magnets.  If you are unsure which mount you need for your Crossfire Standard, please feel free to send us a message and we can point you in the right direction.
  • Crossfire Pro HD Mount - This mount is made to mount directly to your z axis plate with no additional drilling and tapping required.  Just remove your stock z stem for your hand torch and mount our backing plate with the included hardware and mount the torch mount to your machine torch and you are back in business.  This mount, just like the standard mount, is designed to work with virtually any machine torch that is 1.375" on the market including torches for most popular brands like RazorWeld, Hypertherm, Everlast, Longevity, etc. It also comes with upgrades brass heat press threaded inserts for the torch mounting clamp.
  • Crossfire Pro HD Stubby Mount - This mount is virtually identical to the Crossfire Pro HD Mount, but has a recess cut in the torch cutting clamp to accommodate the stubby machine torches like you can find from Hypertherm.



GC Crossfire Magnetic Torch Mount

PriceFrom $67.00
  • All torch mounts carry a 5 year warranty again manufacturing defects.  If you encounter a problem with your torch mount, simply send us an email and we can get the RMA process started.

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